Parent Corner

Welcome to the BYSA Parent Education Corner.  In this section you will find videos and articles that will help you to understand your role as a parent on the sidelines and help support your child's development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Beverly Youth Soccer Association's Refund Policy

BYSA offers refunds only in the event of documented injury or a player moving away from Beverly.  Attendance/transportation issues, team placement preference, and scheduling challenges are not refundable issues.

Who must attend tryouts?

All players from Grades 5-8, and incoming Grade 3-4 players interested in playing for our ECYSA travel teams must attend tryouts.

How many tryouts should I attend?

Just one.

What should my child bring to tryouts?

Your child should bring TWO recent, 1"x1" printed photos (for ECYSA player cards), water, and a great attitude to tryouts.

Can my child 'miss the cut'?

No!  Beverly Youth Soccer Association tryouts are for team placement, not team selection.  All players registered for a program prior to tryouts will be placed on a skill-appropriate team.

Can my child play in an older age group?

Beverly Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) strongly encourages all players to play with the grade group that aligns with their current grade level in school. The BYSA organization believes that BYSA or Town Soccer should be a time to play with Beverly peers and friends.

Exceptions to Age Group Play

Exceptionally skilled players, although strongly encouraged by BYSA to play within their grade group, can tryout and be considered for the age group above them and will be placed with the top team within the next-highest grade group if they are able to satisfy the following conditions:

1. Players to be considered will need to be identified by their current coach.  Once a player has been identified, the DoC will observe the player at practice/tryouts and/or games.

2. A top 5 rating in the tryout for the player's current grade group.

3. A top rating in the tryout for the grade group above: for Grade 6, Top 9, for Grade 8, Top 11.

4. No concerns around a player's size and strength when playing against older players. The safety of the player will be considered first. In addition, the player's maturity level, parent's insight, coaches insight, and on-field play must be considered. It needs to be determined that the player is emotionally/socially ready for the next level.

5. It should be determined where the player stands relative to their grade vs the group above.  If the player does not stand out among his/her peers, they should remain age-appropriate.


- Statistically making the higher team doesn’t guarantee placement as players will be placed in their closest ability group.
- If selected to play up an age group, per ECYSA rules, the player will not be allowed to move down during the season.
What is ECYSA?  I thought this was BYSA?

ECYSA stands for Essex County Youth Soccer Association.  Two Grade 3-4 teams (one for each gender) and all Grade 5-6 and Grade 7-8 teams participate in 'Travel' soccer through ECYSA.  Players in these age groups can expect to compete against similarly-skilled children from towns around Essex and Middlesex Counties.

Is financial assistance available?

BYSA makes scholarships available for players with financial hardships.  Please contact us for more information about applying for financial assistance.

Are there discounts for multiple children?

We do not currently offer discounts for multiple children registering, but financial assistance may be available if needed.  Please contact us for more information about applying for financial assistance.

Do I have to attend tryouts?

In order to be considered for placement on a competitive (MTOC) team for Grades 5-8, players must register for our full program - both the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons.  Players registering for only one season will be seeded on a recreational (ECYSA County) team appropriate to their skill level.

It's the day of tryouts and I forgot my photo!  Help!

Photos can be printed at CVS and Walgreens in North Beverly, a short drive from Beverly Middle School.  Please have your photos printed when you arrive to check your child in.